About Us 
We are GCCF/TICA Registered breeders and members of the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain. We are Colchester City Council Licensed Cat Breeders.

We breed clouded, marble, snow, brown, charcoal, blue and silver Bengals.

We are small breeders and all our cats are raised in our home, as part of a family hobby. We started breeding bengals in 2006 after we went on safari in Africa as we have a passion for big cats. Whilst in Africa we spent time with rescued cheetahs, where we fell in love with one particular cheetah, 'Joseph', who we were able to stroke and he was so affectionate that he purred. After this moment we made a decision that when we return home we would breed cats who have a wild look but also who are affectionate and domesticated. In visiting a number of cat shows we came across bengals and we fell in love with this breed and it started from there.

Our kittens come from excellent pedigree lines and due to this, our kittens are much sought
after; including a member of The Saudi Royal family, who now owns one of our kittens.

Our studs are stunning boys and all have excellent pedigrees (please click our stud pages for
photos). Who carry snow, browns, marble, blue, charcoal and silver. We have beautiful bengal queens (please click on queen page for details), who produce snow, brown, charcoal, silver, blue and marble kittens.